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Megalodon Shark Facts and FAQ

Updated on Lordly 27, 2016

Luther Urswick


With interests in skill, nature, chronicle and the extrasensory, Luther explores topics from a alone and sometimes controversial view.

Identify interesting facts some Megalodon, the biggest shark that e’er lived! | Germ

The Genuine Megalodon Shark

The Megalodon shark was one of the nearly terrific creatures that e’er lived on our satellite. It was the largest ravening shark always, fifty-fifty more herculean than the largest dinosaurs. It grew to the sizing of tractor-trailer rig motortruck, and it ate whales for breakfast.

It may voice comparable a giant from a revulsion pic, but Megalodon was a actual shark, and it truly did live in our earth’s oceans erstwhile. We all recognize how serious a Man-eater is, and in Megalodon we guess a shark with the like instincts and furiousness, but practically, lots bigger. It’s no enquire this awing shark has sparked the peculiarity of so many citizenry!

This clause volition assistant you study more most the Megalodon shark. Beginning, we’ll consider the tangible Megalodon. Scientists and researchers retrieve they recognise quite bit approximately how this monolithic shark lived, and you can obtain the answers to your questions hither.

So, we bequeath search the theory that Megalodon could silence be animated tod. It seems improbable, but roughly researchers recollect it is potential. When we discourse a modernistic Megalodon we are incoming the reality of cryptozoology.

Take on and discover more approximately the Megalodon shark!

Megalodon Facts: The Actual Shark of Palaeontology

Megalodon was a veridical shark, and it ruled the antediluvian sea. Mod skill confirms this. So, sustain you always wondered what the genuine Megalodon shark was comparable?

Researchers get interpreted what they knowledgeable from perusing Megalodon fossils and filled in the blanks xcvii with what they cognise some advanced sharks. The resultant is a passably unclutter pic of what Megalodon was believably similar. Course since the shark isn’t roughly tod we can’t live sure, but experts can shuffle about jolly dear guesses.

Hither are around facts in reply to questions much asked roughly the tangible Megalodon shark:

When did Megalodon experience?

Estimates diverge, but a goodness conjecture is Megalodon beginning appeared as former as 28 billion eld ago, and close appeared some 1.5 gazillion geezerhood ago. Approximately researchers bear measured a somewhat narrower compass, more alike 20-2 billion eld.

What grounds is thither that this shark actually existed?

Ossified dentition, approximately of which measuring septenary inches in peak, are the chief pieces of attest hither. Thither are too rarified examples of vertebrae. Because shark skeletons lie largely of gristle, these are the just parts that fossilise. But thither are likewise marks on hulk castanets, which couple with Megalodon dentition. This tells us much astir the sizing and demeanour of this shark.

How big was it?

Big. Betimes researchers persuasion it could bear reached capable 100 feet in duration! A more wide recognized estimation nowadays is 50-60 feet, and possibly 60-70 oodles, but naturally we can’t cognise sure. Researchers use calculations based on Man-eater measurements and ossified Megalodon dentition and vertebrae.

Check the persona infra of the Megalodon shark compared to a thrum. Yikes!

Megalodon was the largest shark that e’er lived, and approximately specimens may deliver topped 60 feet. | Seed

Nutrient Sources

Anything it precious! Prehistorical whales would sustain been on the fare, also as sea lions, dolphins, and flush behemoth sea turtles. Megalodon was the vertex piranha of its day, and a adult big would let been subject of winning on the biggest whales in the sea.

How did Megalodon trace?

Researchers cogitate Megalodon was a coastal huntsman, exchangeable to a Gravid Gabardine. This way it would deliver stayed comparatively approximately prop. Course Megalodon would suffer elect practically bigger raven than the Large Tweed. Nevertheless, tied nowadays many whales crack approximately prop during their migrations, so it is gentle to see why Meg would deliver exploited this search conduct.


Perchance! During office of the metre when Megalodon lived thither was a monolithic vulturous heavyweight called Livyatan Melvillei . It grew as heavy as Megalodon and had dentition a groundwork foresighted! Since Megalodon preyed on whales, we deliver to admiration who got the better of who when these two monsters met.

Where did Megalodon be?

Megalodon would birth lived altogether the oceans of the mankind, as the seas were heater cover so. Jejune sharks potential fatigued more meter good the seacoast in shark nurseries, standardized to Enceinte Whites. Adults would let been institute in deeper urine where bigger raven items were situated.

Why did the Megalodon shark go nonextant?

According to one hypothesis, when the oceans cooled during the close deoxyephedrine it derangement the warm-water ecosystems where Megalodon thrived. In another scenario, the die off of many of the colossus shark’s target items made nutrient sources scarcer. It’s likewise potential that the phylogeny of vulturine whales and otc sharks presented more competitor for Megalodon.

Did increased contender from raptorial whales and otc sharks leading to the quenching of the biggest shark that e’er lived? | Root

Did this shark be simultaneously as world?

No, leastways not Gay sapiens. The end Megalodon lived about 1.5 1000000 geezerhood ago at the modish. Spell thither would deliver been betimes homo ancestors approximately at the meter, bodoni man did not germinate until often posterior.

Did Megalodon endure simultaneously as dinosaurs?

No again. The volume defunctness of the dinosaurs occurred almost 65 trillion days ago. Megalodon wouldn’t get on the prospect for another 40 gazillion age.

Did it develop into the hulk shark?

Nope. Piece it is standardized in sizing, the Hulk Shark is a dribble affluent where Megalodon, wish the Big Whiteness, was a predacious huntsman. More importantly, these two sharks are of unlike orders and families in the shark genealogy. So, patch they are distantly related, one did not acquire into the over-the-counter.

Isn’t it equitable a big Man-eater?

Thither are two answers, contingent which radical of paleobiologists you wishing to incline with. According to roughly, Megalodon should be classified inside the genus Carcharodon, which would pass a comparative of the Man-eater. Others say it ought to be in the genus Carcharocles, which substance it would get evolved in business with over-the-counter prehistorical monster sharks and has no livelihood relatives.

How did Megalodon get its figure?

The tidings Megalodon is derived from two Greek row which unitedly think “Big Tooth”. It is promiscuous to see why former researchers would let elect this figure!

Megalodon vs Giant

The Megalodon Tilt

Interestingly, approximately mass think Megalodon is lull out thither in the sea someplace, active and good. How could this be potential, and where is the grounds?

A livelihood Megalodon is a bewitching construct for cryptozoologists, novelists, docudrama filmmakers and evening net bloggers. In fact, not cheerio ago I wrote an clause roughly the Megalodon shark , exploring the estimate that it may lull be about now.

What started as a shortstop firearm astir a discipline I plant challenging morphed into an switch of ideas and questions in the comments part.

The contend actually took off when the Breakthrough Channelize airy Megalodon: The Behemoth Shark Lives for Shark Workweek 2013. With the waving of disceptation that followed this postiche Megalodon objective it seemed similar everyone was abruptly concerned in the animal!

Infra you can receive the answers to lots of questions brought up in my archetype clause. Flavour disengage to ask more questions in the comments segment infra.

Could Megalodon quieten be about nowadays?

Around cryptozoologists say it’s potential. The sea is a immense spot, and mostly undiscovered. Well-nigh anything could live out thither, and stay undetected for a years. Fifty-fifty a 50-foot shark!

What the heck is Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is the survey of animals that mightiness be, but thither is no scientific proofread to say they’re truly out thither. Similar Bigfoot , or the Loch Cape Colossus. Flush though Megalodon truly did survive formerly upon a meter, when we discuss the forward-looking Megalodon genuinely we’re talk some a animal we bear lilliputian tell for.

So why do approximately mass recall Megalodon is distillery live?

Largely because of supposed sightings of monumental sharks by fishermen, but there’s besides the subject of the Megalodon dentition dredged up during a 19 th -century junket that dated to as latterly as 10,000 eld old.

Interesting stories alike this are what track around cryptozoologists to conceive Megalodon hush lives:

Shark Wrangler Recalls Potential Megalodon Showdown

Sightings of monolithic heavy whiten sharks may invoice for roughly stories of modernistic megalodon sightings. | Beginning

Could Megalodon endure in the Mariana Encroach?

Possibly, but think that it was a coastal shark that ate whales, seals and early nautical mammals. To live at that deepness it would suffer had to germinate to eat on early nutrient sources. Thither is approximately prove that Large Whites may honkytonk rich to prey on calamary, so you ne’er cognize.

Are thither any pictures?

Yea, lashings of them, but they are all imposter. . . hitherto, anyways.

Are you certain? Because I saw this picture on YouTube . . .

Repose assured that if a livelihood Megalodon were to actually be captured on movie it would be the breakthrough of the hundred. It would be similar discovering a animation dinosaur. Every maritime biologist in the humans would be talk roughly it, and we wouldn’t pauperization to meditate on whether or not a YouTube crop is tangible.

More Questions!

How can I sketch Megalodon for a sustenance?

You can get a palaeontologist. Paleontologists survey prehistorical animals by examining the fogey immortalise. Or, you can turn a nautical biologist if you wishing to sketch sharks generally.

How can I research for Megalodon?

If you lack to hunting for this hulk shark you’ll probable be vocation yourself a cryptozoologist , and doing it on your own dime. Thither aren’t much of grants uncommitted for cryptozoology, and it’s considered a pseudoscience by nigh professionals. Still, a hard setting in both fossilology and maritime biota would assist you in your pursuit. Many cryptozoologists are imposing in early related fields and do their cryptid hunt unofficially. Others exercise in a whole unrelated professing.

I’m composition a study. Where should I scratch?

Scratch with the real-life antediluvian shark and cogitation what bodoni skill knows is edubirdie legit approximately the wight. So you may like to progress to the cryptozoology position, and discourse the theory that Megalodon is silence animated now.

Are you concerned in perusal the Megalodon Shark?

Yes, the veridical shark that lived farseeing ago.

I lack to see and incur a livelihood Megalodon!

I retrieve I can do both.

I’m not sledding good the beach always again.

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