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Arizona wedding photographers, Imagine Photography were recently named “2014 top 50 wedding photographers in North America” by 

We have quickly become the go-to Arizona wedding photographers for those seeking fun, killer, addictive wedding photography anywhere in the world. From hanging out of the windows of moving cars, to standing on an active airstrip; if it makes a great shot, we’re going to risk it all.

This may sound like the treatment for a Hollywood action flick, but this is serious business for us. JoAnne has been an award-winning photographer for over a decade; and we hear a lot about “rockstar” photographers these days, but as a former touring musician, I’m about as close as it gets. I became a photographer over six years ago after meeting JoAnne and being inspired by her amazing talent. We are now an inseparable team, delivering consistently great photography for our awesome wedding clientele, and anyone that demands unique, stunning photographic services.

We love to travel, eat street food in bad neighborhoods, take road trip adventures with our kids, ride custom motorcycles, drive fast cars, have a little wine, play a little music, hang out with our close friends, learn about other cultures, check out art and museums, and crash dinner parties! If you’re into any of those things, we will get along just fine. Oh, and I (Jason) also LOOOOOVE wedding cake…so much…really!

With a high international demand for our services, we will provide exceptional coverage of your wedding anywhere in the world.  We would love to hear from you, so get in touch!


Use the form below to tell us all about yourselves. We want to know what you had for breakfast, where you prefer to shop for clothes (the really important stuff), your names, email address, phone number, your wedding date, wedding venue or other photography needs. We will get back to you within a couple of hours. You may also call us at 928.377.0751 or 928.897.4232 directly. **AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!**