Jo and I are so excited to have Dusty as part of our studio, and after seeing the amazing work he did with Allison and Zaulo’s engagement session, we are even more excited going forward!

We’ll turn it over to Dusty for his thoughts on the shoot, and enjoy the photos! –

I’ll admit it. When I received the email regarding Allison and Zaulo’s engagement, I was excited. Not because I knew them personally or anything like that, but because it’s always a huge bonus photographing great looking people and this couple certainly fit that description.

After consulting with Allison and Z and speaking with Jo & Jason at the studio, we decided on an incredible location outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nelson, Nevada (Eldorado Canyon) provided a TON of vintage scenery and together we managed to stay out of the “jumping cactus” (though others weren’t so fortunate) for long enough to create some images that we’re really excited to deliver! Wishing the both of you the best!