There is nothing, I repeat, nothing better than photographing sexy people.  Arianna and Michael are as sexy as they come, and when we were asked to photograph their engagement session recently, we were just a little bit excited.

The day started out sunny and clear, but within an hour of our schedule shoot-time, a massive storm was looming in the distance.  We made a few calls and decided to push forward (Fearless Photographers don’t back down at massive storms) with our plans for the shoot.  We just beat the storm to our location, and eventually it moved just to the north of us, only sprinkling lightly as we photographed these two.  We were rewarded by the most brilliant distant clouds and dust storm that made for epic, brooding images.

We couldn’t be more pleased with how things worked out, and we are very excited to work with you two during your wedding next year.  Thank you for having us as your photographers.

We want to thank the kind people of Stetson Winery, Jo and Don Stetson, for working with their neighbor Carlos Cella to set up the vineyard shots.  You can read more about Kingman’s first and only Winery here.  Be sure to keep up to date as this place opens and will be the go-to venue for weddings and events, plus fantastic wines!

PS – Arianna and Michael, could you save a little “sexy” for the rest of us?  Thanks! – Jo and Jason