JoAnne and I have been working as an exclusive team for many years now, always shooting each wedding or portrait shoot together! As we’ve gotten busier — and as the budget range of our potential clients have broadened — we tried to come up with ideas on how to make sure someone with any budget could have the Imagine Photography experience. The ideas ranged from splitting up and shooting weddings individually to all manner of dumb ideas! After much deliberation (deliberation herein having the meaning “wine”) it was decided that the best possible way to do this was to not “break up the band” as it were, but to add another member!

Ah, but where to find a talented, brilliant photographer like ourselves? Turns out Parker, Arizona was the answer. Meet the newest addition to the Imagine Photography wedding team, our friend and colleague Dusty Wooddell! *pause for applause/affectation–

Dusty will be shooting solo weddings (and sometimes with an assistant/second shooter) for our studio, thereby allowing most everyone to experience the “Imagine Photography Experience” (was that redundant?) on most any budget!

Dusty comes to us with already fantastic skills, and we’ve worked with him for the past several months refining those skills to match our aesthetic, but keep his creative eye open to growth and continued exellence. We look forward to a long, fruitful relationship (We love fruit. You ever had dragon fruit? It’s so good! I’ll see if I can score you some!) and mutual growth…even if he does shoot Nikon.

We present to you, Dusty Wooddell:

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