Considering the nature of our work, we are usually prepared for anything. We were not prepared for how awesome our day with Kelly and Vince, and their two best friends, would turn out. From the moment we pulled into the Monte Carlo Resort and found Vince coolly leaning on a post, cigarette in hand, we knew the day was going to be pretty rad with these four crazy Canadians!

We hit the ground running with a visit to Battlefield Las Vegas for some time at the shooting range. Selecting from a menu, the couple grabbed everything from basic hand guns to full-blown Rambo-style, belt-fed machine guns, and let them rip at the targets in on the range.

We climbed inside of a Vietnam war era Huey helicopter, posed with some tanks, and headed over to one of our favorite hidden foodie joints in Vegas, Viva Las Arepas! Tummies full, we hit the road for Nelson, NV, a ghost town about 45 miles from Vegas.

Once there we climbed in, on, around, and through just about every interesting vintage car, building, and airplane we could find, creating some fun images with creative lighting!

Around sunset we headed back toward Vegas and stopped downtown, hanging in the Arts District where we were able to capture some awesome night shots using our MagMod gear!

We dropped our four new friends back at their hotel, stopped for some fast food on the way out of town, and spent the 90 minute ride home talking about how much fun we both had! It was a great day, and we hope to see these guys again soon!

Enjoy some of our favorite images from the day below: