Imagine sitting around on a normal Thursday afternoon and suddenly getting a call that you need to be in a foreign country in 24 hours.  Imagine 12 hours later you’re on a plane to Guyana, a country you might not have ever heard of, flying to shoot a wedding for a couple you’ve never spoken to, and being completely exhausted yet absolutely ready to jump out of your seat on the plane with excitement.  Imagine 15 hours of travel and landing just after dawn in one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen.  You find two of your great friends, videographers Molly and Kurt of Love Story Films, standing in line with you at customs, and before you know it you’re all whisked away in waiting cars to a beautiful hotel on the ocean!

This all happened to us just two short weeks ago, and here we are now, posting our favorite images and sharing this amazing story with you all!

We met Kimberly and Kurt at noon on their wedding day, speaking for the first time.  We immediately were made to feel as though we had known them a lifetime, with the warmth and grace of people you just know you have to be friends with forever; Their friends and family embracing you and treating you as family. It was surreal, it was beautiful, and it was magnificent.

We were fed like family, we were shared with like family, we were given access like family, and we bonded like family.  We will never forget the two short days we spent with 400 of the most wonderful people we’ve ever met.  

Kimberly, Kurt, your amazing friends, and your brilliant families:  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!  You’ve changed our lives with your kindness and generosity.  We can’t wait to see you all again someday!

Guyana, we will be back someday soon, and we shan’t forget you!

Everyone else, be sure to check out the emotional, beautiful video shot by our friends and travel partners Molly and Luke, and comment below to let us know how you like the photos!

xoxo – Jo and Jason 


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