Jo and I were halfway around the world – on vacation in Vietnam – when the spotty WiFi service had mercy on us for 30 seconds and an email popped in from a very excited Vanessa, telling us all about her July wedding to Justin in Vegas.  We quickly replied, fearing the internet wouldn’t be available for long, and promised to speak once we returned to The States.

Fast forward to July, and us realizing that maybe our East Coast clients didn’t realize that the desert is like a blast furnace this time of year.  We packed lots of water and made our way to Caesar’s Palace to document the getting ready process.  We made our way down to the ceremony site, where, if you’re familiar with Vegas, the hotels don’t allow outside photographers to shoot ceremonies.  We were welcomed by the family and sat and enjoyed the ceremony as if we were watching two old friends get married, and afterward, we were even invited to be part of the large family group photos!  How awesome is that?

After the ceremony we made our way over to the Venetian so the newlyweds could ride the gondolas.  It’s always nice to walk through Vegas with our clients as everyone yells “congratulations” to them the entire time, really making for a lot of fun for everyone!

We then hit the strip, heading toward our favorite artsy areas and sketchy alleyways in downtown!  We had a wonderful evening, and even got a water puddle reflection shot with a rainbow in it!  How often does that happen?  I’ll tell you!  NEVER!

Thanks for trusting us to document your wedding on the other side of the country, we’re glad we all survived the heat and had a great time doing it!

Enjoy some of our favorite images from the wedding!

Xoxo – Jo and Jason

PS – Justin LOVES shoes just about as much as we do!  Score!

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