We were in Los Angeles doing this wedding with the wonderful Stephanie and Derek, and the day after we were able to spend some time running around downtown doing what has become to be known as a “trash the dress” session.  We didn’t so much trash the dress as we just had a kick-ass time shooting fun stuff with the two of them in a “dress-unfriendly” way!

We started out at the amazing Union Station in downtown LA and we got in a little trouble with security for sneaking into a roped-off area to get this shot, moved on to the Walt Disney Concert Hall (with its mind-blowing architecture), and finished up in the fantastic LA Arts District.   Let us tell you, if you’ve never been to any of these spots, you are missing out.  Just awesome.

Steph and Derek are probably somewhere cold, like Ohio, right now, so let these pictures warm your hearts and bring back memories of a warm January weekend in Los Angeles!