Jeremy and I met because of a mutual love for music, though we just bumped into each other and didn’t really know each other until around 2009. We worked together and spent a lot of time casually talking music, life, and started hanging out a bit more frequently. During that time he met Crystal; she was a friend of our mutual friend Jennifer, and we knew if she was a friend of Jennifer’s, she must be amazing.

Sometime around 2010 Jeremy and I finally joined a band together, along with two other close friends, and our friendship really started to gel. Around that time things with Jeremy and Crystal were really starting to heat up as well. A trip to Italy turned into a surprise proposal, and they were on their way to the future! A year or so passes and Jeremy called me and told me he planned to get married in a year or so, and had been following me and JoAnne’s photography work for some time, and he felt we were the best fit for their wedding. We were honored to be asked to photograph such a special day for two amazing people we called friends. The best part? We weren’t just to be photographers, we were to be guests. Next best part? Wedding was to take place in Newport Beach, CA on a cruise ship! GTFO!

We had a LONG time until the wedding, and we spent a lot of fun days hanging out on Sunday mornings having brunch, or spending weekends in the pool and having family dinners together, and it was really an amazing time for our friendship to grow and really come together for what matters most.

When wedding day finally arrived, Jo and I fought the famous 405 traffic and made our way down to Orange County to the hotel where Jeremy and Crystal were getting ready. It was awesome to walk in and see other friends of ours and just feel like we were part of something so wonderful. Jo hopped in the Limo with J and C, and I drove our car as we headed toward the Newport Harbor. Now I had expected a boat, but I had NOT expected a massive three-story SHIP! This thing was HUGE, and amazing, fully enclosed in glass with 360 degree views! After a brief, hilarious safety introduction by the captain, we were off.

With the mid-deck packed full of all the friends and family that could fit, the ceremony got immediately underway. Next was some cocktails, and then an amazing dinner. We cruised the harbor for a few hours, taking in an amazing sunset, lovely weather, and beautiful lights of the Newport Coast. To cap it all off, Jeremy and Crystal were taken by private gondola back to shore, with joanne along for the ride.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day with our perfect friends.

Congratulations to you both, we love you and are excited for the future as lifelong friends!


Jason + Jo