Meet Rebecca and Mike, two of our favorite people in the world. This wonderful couple assembled an international cadre of friends and family for a three day destination wedding in Zihuatanejo, Mexico on Memorial Day Weekend. Jo and I traveled from Las Vegas to Mexico City where we spent two days exploring and having fun before we hopped on another flight to the Gold Coast for the wedding festivities. At some point during those days in Mexico City, we ate something that didn’t agree with us and we both came down with e. Coli. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure, but suffice it to say it’s terrible. At one point Jo fainted in the airport whilst we waited for our flight out to Zihuatanejo. We were as sick as dogs.

Zihuatanejo is magical. Located along the Pacific Ocean, with Arizona temperatures and Panamanian humidity levels, it was second in heat and humidity only to this wedding last year, which is to say it was “brutal!” But man, what a view!

Rebecca and Mike started the first evening with a cliffside welcome reception and dinner party at the stunning, incomparable La Casa Que Canta. The entire weekend was spent on this gorgeous property overlooking the bay, with waves crashing into the shore, and stunning sunsets, it’s truly the Amalfi Coast of Mexico.

The next day the wedding itself took place, and Jo and I had a great time working through the unexpected, challenging environment, and we were treated like part of the family the entire time. Such a warm, lovely mix of people were in attendance, and it really showed how great Rebecca and Mike are that their friends were so amazing as well.

On the morning of the third day the entire party set sail on a massive catamaran and headed down the coast for snorkeling and fishing. I got incredibly sunburnt, and JoAnne got incredibly sea-sick, but looking back, it was just an amazing time! We ended the third day by having dinner with Rebecca and Mike, and their immediate family, on a private veranda overlooking the bay. Amazing indeed.

Huge congratulations to you both, and thanks for having us there and treating us like family, we appreciate it so very much!

Cheers! – Jo and Jason