We are so behind in blogging I’m surprised our awesome clients haven’t grabbed their pitchforks and marched up to our front door! Luckily for us, this jet-setting couple are probably too busy being on some awesome adventure halfway around the world to notice!

Tiffany and Jason are the epitome of style, class, and fun! Jason, an avid photographer himself (when not flying private jets for a living), knew exactly what he wanted out of their day, and came straight to us to get it. We were excited to work with the couple, but also excited because the couple planned to trick everyone in attendance by actually having their wedding ceremony at what was supposed to just be a reception for their upcoming overseas wedding. In the end everyone was blown away by the surprise nuptials, and Tiffany even surprised Jason with a fully-rehearsed Jennifer Lopez-style professional dance routine with her girls.

Congratulations Tiffany and Jason, you guys are amazing!

Enjoy some of our favorite photographs from their amazing day, and let us know what you think in the comments!