We first met Tristin and Dustin in 2012 when we were hired by a photographer from Costa Rica for a mentoring session.  We needed a couple as subjects and offered free engagement photos in exchange for time.  Tristin’s sister Blakely saw our call-for-subjects and she emailed us pretending to be her sister, knowing that Tristin and Dustin would appreciate the opportunity.

Long story short, we had a fantastic day shooting with the two of them as we blogged here. We’re also glad Blakely had the initiative to contact us, as we never would have had the chance to meet Tristin and Dustin and capture the moments of their beautiful wedding if it weren’t for her.

The day of the wedding was hot, and we were already sweating before we started the shoot with a reveal out in the beautiful deserts of Northern Arizona.  We got some great imagery from the beautiful surrounding mountains, vast desert plains, and incredible clouds that, luckily enough, rolled in about an hour earlier.  After the reveal, we spent time photographing the attendants and then headed back over to the winery where we saw what must have been the most unique processional and recessional we’ve seen!  There were leaping high-fives, there was air-boxing, chest bumping, dancing, and even a bit of leap-frog at the end!

We hope you enjoy these few images from their collection as much as we enjoyed capturing them.

Jo & Jason Marino – xoxo