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What can we say about Kate & Ryan other than they are insanely good looking? You ever meet someone so good looking they make you feel ugly? Yea, that’s Kate & Ryan. As photographers, we definitely love beautiful people, and even more importantly, beautiful people that are kind and great to spend time around!

This was a really great wedding to shoot, and the couple were really passionate about having great photography. They set aside a couple of hours midday just so we could cruise around Las Vegas doing our signature portrait work. Our friends at Light Group were once again kind enough to give us access to a property during one of our shoots, and this time it was the incredible Gold Lounge. The club manager came in early and even fed us while we were there. Can’t say enough about these wonderful people and their brilliant clubs and restaurants, if you’re visiting Vegas, definitely check them out!

After the wedding Jo and I had a couple of hours to ourselves, so our good friends at The Barrymore welcomed us for an incredible dinner. We were invited back to Gold Lounge along with the entire wedding party where we were greeted with complimentary bottle service for the night! After we left Gold, we stopped by and saw our friend Tim over at Haze Nightclub for a few before finally calling it a night! We stayed up way too late and had way too good of a time!

What an incredible day! Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple and a beautiful time had by all! Enjoy the pics!