Welcome to our wedding photography FAQ on Las Vegas wedding photographers – everything you ever needed answered about Las Vegas wedding photographers or Phoenix wedding photographers as you are planning your search. Please read below, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time.
Do you work with second photographers or assistants?

Since there are two of us, we are second photographers to each other in a way. You are getting two sets of eyes, and the experience of two people that work together 100% of the time. There are no “weekend-warriors” that are called in to second shoot with us, you are getting two seasoned professionals with years of experience. We work as a team in all aspects of your wedding, from first meeting to delivery of your images and beyond. We also have an assistant that works with us on certain weddings.

How many images will I receive?
Though quantity can be important, we are most interested in delivering outstanding imagery to you. That being said, we generally take thousands of images on a full-day wedding. Once we’ve removed technically–imperfect images you’re generally left with hundreds* of fantastic images that tell the entire story of your day. (*Note: This number varies depending on how many hours we are booked for.)

What do you photograph at our wedding?
We are documentary photographers first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get fantastic images of the incredible details of your wedding day, after all, it’s those details that really tie the entire event together. We will capture the beauty of your rings, dress, bouquet, your centerpieces, place settings, cake, flowe, even the food…we love the food!

We also spend ample time with the bride and groom photographing our legendary magazine-style portraits, and always capture timeless photographs of you with your wedding party and family.

When do we get to see our images?
We generally are so excited about the images we’ve taken that we will have a few teaser images up on our Facebook page the day after your wedding, and will blog many more within a few weeks. Your final images are generally delivered within three to four weeks.

Do we get the RAW files?
If it’s part of your package, you will receive the final edited images in high-resolution to use as you wish for printing, and we even include a folder of images already resized and optimized for *social networking, emailing and the like. (*Note: All clients that have a package including digital images receive a set of watermarked images that you’re welcome to share on Facebook. The watermark helps ensure your privacy by discouraging others from using the images without your permission.)

How many weddings do you photograph per day?
We never photograph more than one wedding per day; it’s your day and yours alone. It is far too important to us to be fresh and ready on your wedding day to stretch ourselves too thin, and be overworked and tired for your wedding.

What do you wear on our wedding day?
Though we are both casual people, we actually dress according to the formality of your wedding day after consulting with you. After all, we can’t wear a suit to a beach wedding, but shouldn’t be in jeans for a wedding in a cathedral. But generally Jason will be in a dress shirt and trousers, and JoAnne will be in some fantastic ensemble with killer boots (that’s just how she rolls). You can always expect us to be neat, clean, professional and really, really cool in our appearance.

What equipment do you use?
Though equipment isn’t what makes a fantastic image, it is important to the technical challenges that can come when photographing a wedding. Therefore we utilize only the finest camera bodies and lenses in the business. We have all of the equipment necessary to light any room, shoot in harsh environments or during the night, and make eye-popping imagery. We also have backup equipment should anything malfunction. Your images are also backed up on two cards per camera, and then backed up to our remote servers throughout the day. You never have to worry about losing your images.

Okay, we’re in; where do we go from here?
We would love to set up a time to meet you both. You can either contact us via email, or give either of us a call to set up a time. Please check your calendar and put a list of available dates and times together so we have several options to meet your busy schedule. We generally meet with our couples on weekday evenings, as we’re often shooting a wedding on the weekend. If you are one of our destination couples, we can set up a Skype of Google Video session and chat it up via the innernetz!

*If you hire us, we require a retainer fee and signed contract to reserve your date. We can accept a check, cash or credit card right at the meeting to cover your balance owed. Voila, you’re one more step on your way to the big day!